The Crest of Fire

Ruling over flame, the crest allows the owner to control fire.

Normal GargoyleThe Normal Gargoyle: this is your standard form. As your latent power comes from flame, you can master five different kinds of fire-based attacks: Fire (basic flame breath, can lit candles), Buster (energy ball that can shatter stones), Tornado (creates a magic platform), Claw (allows you to climb thorny areas) and Demon Fire (same effect as Fire, but way stronger). Your special move is the headbutt.

 The Crest of Earth

Ruling over the earth, the crest gives great strengh and speed to its owner.

Ground GargoyleThe Ground Gargoyle: in this form, you can't fly, but you gain a strong breath attack that turns into an energy wave as soon as it touches the ground. However, it only reaches a short range, and it is very uneffective in midair. Your special move is a fast dash that can destroy things blocking your path. You can also jump in midair if you are still dashing.

 The Crest of Air

Ruling over the sky, the crest enables the owner to control wind.

Aerial GargoyleThe Aerial Gargoyle: in this form, your wings are greatly developed, so you can fly without problems, even in strong gusts. Your legs, however, are fragile, so you can't cling to walls. Your breath attack is the powerful air blade that can not only kill enemies, but also cut vines. Your special move is to gain height while flying (you can rise as much as you want).

 The Crest of Water

Ruling over the ocean, the crest allows the owner to swim beneath the seas.

Tidal GargoyleThe Tidal Gargoyle: rather useless out of water, but it is as strong as the legendary gargoyle underwater, and won't take damage when submerged. Out of water, your breath attack is a small ball of foam that has the lowest power among breath attacks (but it's water-based, so it hurts some enemies a lot), but this shot is quite powerful underwater, turning into a foam torpedo which can even destroy a few stones with one blow. You can't cling to walls, but you don't really need to do that when you can swim. The special ability of this form is to swim horizontally at different speeds, quite useful on some narrow spiked areas.

 The Crest of Time

Ruling over the past, the crest enables the owner to go back in time.

Legendary GargoyleThe Legendary Gargoyle: this is, supposedly, your former appearance when you released all of your powers a long time ago. Basically, this is your normal form enhanced: your breath attack does heavy damage (plus the Buster effect), usually killing lesser enemies with one shot, and your skin hardened, reducing the damage you receive by half. Your special move, however, is still the headbutt.

 The Crest of Heaven

-This crest has holy powers, but no other information is given-

Heaven PhalanxOnly Phalanx uses the crest of heaven. When he does, he recovers from his wounds, and also gains new abilities, like shooting huge plasma balls that chase you, a black hole that creates a vacuum that sucks you in and immovilizes you for a few seconds, and also creating a strong wind that pushes you towards the spiked walls.

 The Crest of Infinity  

When all 6 crests are united, the crest of Infinity is said to appear, and give the bearer unimaginable power.

Ultimate GargoyleThe Ultimate Gargoyle: this form has the special powers of all the other morphs. You can do a headbutt, dash and destroy, swim without taking damage, fly higher, cling to walls (even underwater), and reduce the damage by half. But that's not all: your new breath attack is the strongest of all the morphs, and it can be charged for even more power.

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