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Welcome to Infinity, a site dedicated completely to the Ghosts 'n Goblins saga, and focused mainly in the Red Arremer character. 

-Last Update: 17-01-2007- First update of the year. After months of silent work, here it is, the Ghosts 'n Goblins' saga bestiary! Took me a while to finish it, but the results are quite nice, at least from my point of view. Also, I added a couple of banners to the link section (thanks Rugal), and a new SvC Red Arremer artwork in addition to an enhancement to the one I currently had, both contributed by Cain_Highwind.

REQUEST: If anyone is interested to use the NxC spritesheets available in the GIF sprite section to produce more Red Arremer animated sprites, please do so. I haven't played the game, so I have no idea how the sprites move. If you manage to do so, please send your GIFs here so I can make them public (and add the contributors to the Credits section).


This is a good example of how, in videogames, a single enemy from a platform game can turn out to be later the main pillar of a brand new series of games. The Red Arremer saga was born from the Makaimura series (AKA Ghosts 'N Goblins), where knight Arthur had to make his way facing all kinds of enemies and obstacles in order to rescue princess Prin Prin/Guinevere. This game introduced a particular breed of enemies that was quite the headache for the regular player: hordes of strong and fast flying red gargoyles known as red arremers (A.K.A. red destroyers, red devils, red demons). These enemies were so ‘respected’ (meaning that when you encountered at least one you had to be on guard right away... trust me, I've even seen faqs about avoiding them in some levels) that their popularity spawned a new saga from the original Makaimura, the one known as RED ARREMER. This is a really short saga, but also fast evolving.

The Red Arremer saga is composed of three games:

-Gargoyle's Quest (Red Arimaa - 1990)

-Gargoyle's Quest II (Red Arimaa II - 1992)

-Demon's Crest (Demon's Blazon - 1994)

Chronology - Click for the larger version

The first two games tell a similar story with some diferences, while the last game is a generic sequel to any of the first two. The evolution between each of these games is notorious, especially considering the fact that between each game are only two years of diference. Today, RED ARREMER is discontinued, but Firebrand (the most notorious member of the red arremer tribe) and some of his kindred have appeared in other games, such as Capcom World (NES), which features a red arremer king; Higemaru Makaijima (NES), which features a whole island with a Makaimura theme, including Red Arremers; Firebrand also shows up in SNK vs CAPCOM ~ Match of the Millenium (Neo-Geo Pocket), where he is once again battling Arthur in team contest mode; he also makes an appearance in Card Fighters Clash 1 & 2 (Neo-Geo Pocket again) as the Red Arremer card; and finally he has made a recent comeback as a fighter in SNK vs CAPCOM Chaos (where he’s one of two secret final bosses ~ note that there’s a manwa - chinese manga - of this game, and Red Arremer is also there), and in NAMCO vs CAPCOM, where we get to see the whole red arremer tribe (king, ace and joker races) acting as Astaroth (from Makaimura) enforcers against knight Arthur.

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