Gargoyle's Quest 2 ~ The Demon Darkness

(known as Red Arremer II for the Famicom, and Makaimura Gaiden ~ The Demon Darkness for the Gameboy in Japan)

Gargoyle's Quest II Red Arremer II

Game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992, and later for the Gameboy hanheld in 1993 (only in Japan). Quite longer than the previous one, but still somewhat short lived. Graphics are improved greatly, giving the player a very detailed map (much like the Dragon Warrior map) and stages with absorbing atmospheres. Both quality and quantity of the music are enhanced in a notorious way, even with the limited power of the NES audio chip (Labyrinth of Mirrors is one very good example). The password system is also perfected: you can no longer crack it by just guessing. Random encounters are lost, but character interactions are now quite integrated, so the RPG factor also gains points. Platform mode is, perhaps, the most improved part of this game, as there are a great variety of stages, obstacles and even new abilities. The Gameboy port, Makaimura Gaiden, is exactly the same game, plus some extras, like an optional enhancement to your fireball to make it homming, a couple of new stages, and new versions for old tunes. Unfortunately, it never made it out of Japan (AFAIK).



World Map

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Gargoyle's Quest 2 ArtA long, long time ago, before the human walked the Earth, there lived a gargoyle named Firebrand in a town of the ghoul realm, Etruria. Firebrand was a strong and powerful gargoyle – humanlike figure, but with massive claws in both hands and feet.

To be recognized as a true warrior and defend his land, he trained himself in the arts of war. However, his time to become a defender came earlier than he expected:

One day, while he was in a training session, a mysterious black light covered Etruria, draining the land’s magic. At the same time, this black light spawned an army of destroyers that killed most of the townspeople. After foiling the raid of destroyers, Firebrand departs at the request of the dying king of Etruria to face the black light’s army. To restore the balance of the ghoul realm, Firebrand has to decipher the riddle behind the black light and the mysterious beings that guide it.

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