Demon's Crest

(known as Demon's Blazon ~ Makai-Mura Monshou Hen in Japan)

Demon's Crest Demon's Blazon


American Box CoverJapanese Box CoverGreat game released fot the Super Nintendo in 1994, with outstanding graphics and good use of effects such as MODE7. Its sound track can only be described as spectacular, with enviromental music and effects that really transports you to the action. The complete absence of percussion-based beats, replaced by a stream of organ and chorus-based BGMs is remarkable, adding to the already dark ambient. This game breaks the trend of the other two of the saga, losing nearly all RPG element and focusing on platforms entirely. Still keeps the password system. Despite being rather short (another trend in the saga), it has a good dificulty level, giving many hours of entertainment. This game has a new addition: Firebrand can morph in several gargoyles using the power of the crests, magical emblem stones with the power to manipulate the forces of nature. Old attacks also come back, like the magic tornado, the buster or the magic claw. And to end this masterpiece, we have four different endings, a minigame and the new talisman system, which gives additional enhancement for your abilities.




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In our world exist two different lands. One is ruled by humans, while the other is ruled by demons. One day, six magical stones fell from the sky to the demon realm. They irradiated great powers. Inscribed on these stones were the emblems of fire, earth, air, water, time and heaven.


Demon Wars

Soon the demons started fighting for these crests, and all of the demon realm fell in a bloody civil war, and finally Firebrand, the red arremer, won five of the six crests in battle.

Not satisfied with the crests of fire, earth, air, water and time, the red demon challenged the demon dragon to a battle to the death for the last emblem, the crest of heaven.


Firebrand and Somulo


After a long and desperate battle, the red demon finally slayed the dragon. But the price of his victory was high. The red demon was critically wounded, his wings rendered temporarily useless. When he was going back barely flying in his critical status, he was ambushed by Phalanx, who took all of the crests.



Phalanx with the Crests


(Phalanx): I have defeated the red demon. I shall reign supreme. With the power of these crests, both the human and the demon realms… ARE ALL MINE!!!

Firebrand was tossed to the colloseum to fight once again the demon dragon, now zombified.

Will Firebrand be able to escape the colloseum and have his revenge against the mighty Phalanx?




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