Ultimate Ghosts 'N Goblins

(known as Goku Makaimura in Japan)

Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins Goku Makaimura


The last game in the whole saga up to this point, it was released for the Playstation Portable (PSP) just recently (06-08-2006) after a 15-year hiatus of the main storyline, and despite using 3d graphics, it's a sidescrolling platform game just as its predecesors.

This game, having all the goodies introduced in the previous ones (including the return of the multidirectional shooting), features many neat additions:

  1. Three Game Modes: you can choose between 'Beginner' (you start where you died after losing a life), 'Normal' (you start at checkpoints), and 'Arcade' (you have only a half-stage checkpoint).
  2. Save Points: what the name suggests. Save there and resume your adventure from that point.
  3. New Armors and Shields: this time they DO protect you, increasing your tolerance to enemy attacks, plus giving special abilities. Of course, after the armor's tolerance level is defeated, it will be destroyed and Arthur will show his trademark birthday suit, heh. Also, the shields can be used at will to deflect enemy fire.
  4. New Weapons and Spells: mean additions to Arthur's ever-growing arsenal like a big scythe blade or a ghoul-killing whip (poor Simon), each with their own unique enhancements and spells as usual.
  5. New Moves: Arthur can grab ledges a-la Prince of Persia now! This new move will save us a lot of grief with those insane jumps we know and love. He can also run faster than normal if the need arises. And now that he has both the double jump and the multidirectional shooting, no enemy will be out of reach. Oh, by the way the red arremers are back, and they also have new fiery moves :D

And more surprises like huge bosses, change of perspective and Arthur dying, but coming back to life as the skeleton, hehe. The dificult level remains high even with all these extras due to the constant assault of enemies that will stalk Arthur without rest.





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Goku Makaimura Art

The Return of the Knight...

As part of their ambition to rule the world, the dark forces of the Demon Realm seek to mix their own blood with that of the royal family. Until now the legendary knight Arthur has always put a stop to their devious plans. However, the Demon Realm is home to a new ruler, more powerful and more evil than any who has come before him. His underlings waste no time in seeking out the princess - the sole surviving heir to the royal bloodline - in an act that promises dire consequences for us all.

The princess is in grave danger... When our intrepid Arthur catches wind of this dastardly plot, he sets off at once to the castle, his steed's hooves beating an ominous chorus.

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